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Posted at 12/26/2011 04:02:00 PM
Dear smokers,
Have you ever realize the danger of smoking? Have you ever wonder what you can do to the money you spent daily buying all those packets of cigarettes? Have you ever think, besides yourself, who are you endangering again?
  • Smoking reduces blood flow to your skin such that it encourages development of wrinkles as the skin loses elasticity but this reversible when you give up smoking. 
  • Nicotine is absorbed very quickly and gets to the brain following a smoke inhalation in less than a minute and spreads all over the body including breast milk. 
  • Pregnant women who smoke must realize that their baby’s growth will be affected as they are more likely to have small babies. 
  • Oxygen supply to the baby is also compromised in preference to carbon monoxide at the placental level. 
  • Spontaneous miscarriages, stillbirths and premature deliveries are more common in women who smoke whilst pregnant.
  • If you smoke cigars, then you are increasing your risk of these cancers significantly – cancer of the mouth, throat and larynx. 
  • The cancer-inducing chemical components in both cigarettes and cigars have been found to be similar. Up to 3000 deaths have been linked to passive smoking each year in the United States. 
  • If you are a non-smoker but experience secondhand smoking persistently, there is research evidence to suggest your risk of coronary heart disease is increased by more than 20%. 
  • The chances of aging physically are high.
  •  Bad breaths, yellow stained teeth.
 source here.

I have a smoker friend once, so I told him off about smoking. He then yelled at me, saying it's his life, I shouldn't care. Personally, I think he/people smokes because of lonliness, heartpain, broken hearted, are useless. Why do you subsitute your life for all this stupid things -.-
Besides that, people also smoke because of peer pressure. As in, you smoke, means you're the coolest, err. in what world is smoking cool? I constantly have the need to shove the smoke away, even runaway from smokers. -.-
Some smoke because they want to try, okay you try. You think you will only stop at one? I don't think so. and even so, you did stop after one, you think your heart will remain pink and pretty? NOT -.-

Girls who smokes.... really bring down the girls name -.- seriously. haha

p/s I'm just saying. no harm :D

Moral-of-the-story; #taknak merokok because smoking kills!

p/s p/s I've just joined a photo contest organize by nuffnang. For more info, please see here. And thank God , after reading this, you feel like stopping, don't forget to tell me! I'll congratulate you xD


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