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  The things I did in 2011
Posted at 12/27/2011 09:30:00 AM

Form 5 year, SPM year. Tough year. Lots of pressure. In January I met a guy, a playboy. We didn't make it out tho. We broke up twice. And the first time we broke up, it's cause there was this dude in school ;) ;) HAHA. But I think everybody knew about it. Grrr. But crushes never last. At the end of the month, went back with the playboy -.- but we lasted for 14 days, and then we broke up on Valentine wooo. x) Well, I really didn't achieve anything in January . LOL

Besides got hit by a rugby ball lol . T.T


I was really wild in the month of February. I go out every night, come back late -.- Until my freedom got raped.  HAHA Back then, I would curse and curse and err. curse? But then, now, I totally understand why. Little girls should stay home and study, we can't always rush things and try everything the adults are doing right? I'll just take things in a slower phase. I didn't say I won't do it tho ;) HEEE

My valentine turn out well. :D yea sure it was quite sad. But then, no regrets :)) sometimes you gotta learn to let go of things that weren't meant to be. 

I think the achievement this month should be, "manage to ask my ex crush to join an activity in school" LOL. 


At the early days of March, I joined a debate competition along with my friends. Although we didn't win, I was still glad we made it to semi-finals and then died down. Better try next time tho cause this is my first time trying. :D 

In March also, I met a lot of new blogger friends from Sarawak! I attended the Tomorrow's Leader Summit, oh yea, I also ate a lot of food, pastry, desert, ahhh x.x Don't forget all those new things I've discover HAHA



It's the first day of the month and I went on fooling people. #likeaboss :D 
And the month of April is also the month where the General Election was held. And my dad gladly brought me along this time, to see those rallies that were held. It's first time. LOL people were talking about it online, and it seems interesting. And it is too!

Here, I met my current boyfriend. Well, not really met, just bump into each other. We met ages ago. LOL well the only achievement this month was meeting my boyfie at a rally. If not, everything that has happen now, wouldn't happen at all :0 which is kinda scary and sad at the same time. :O


This month is a blessing I guess. I finally got the camera I always wanted. Tho it's not a DSLR, but at least it's cuter. :3 HEEEE. and since then, this camera has witness a lot of things, like food I ate, places I've been too, people I've met. :')) and also, with this new baby, I recorded my first vlog, which disappear along with my old youtube account :') what happen to love

In this month too, it's the opening ceremony for the shop I'm currently working for :E and I also went to an English Camp organize by the US Embassy. I met new friends, strengthened relationships and even learned new things about the American culture. Was glad that I unashamedly .. ahhahahaha :D
Another big event that happen in this month, is the day we got together. HEEEE and we've been together until now :]] THANK GOD 


This is the month of my people. xD so, basically, I did a lot of new things this month, but then I'm always trying new things this year. *proud* I attended youth camp for the first time,and make friends with my church mates, attended youth again after for so long, but then, now I'm too busy to attend it again ;( forgive-me-Lord.

Also attended ballet performance, and I find it rather fascinating :D I also went to have my face purify for the first time, as in people help to take out my impurities-__- did I mention painful? LOL 


I got chosen to become the captain for my sports house, and we got 1st. :D it was really unexpected at the same time, it's what everybody expected. I was the leader for the marching site too, and we got first as well :D I guess my ninja fish act worked! but then, without my partner's help, I'm sure, my house wouldn't receive this great achievement. also thanks to those encouraging teachers.

Besides sports day, another-last-event is RIMUP. Apparently, this is the last RIMUP I'd be attending. And I was honoured to be chosen as the pen holder LOL

The most memorable event of the month should be kayaking for 2 hours and rejecting food just to get my muscle sore for 2 days wtf Kayaking is LOVE :D The first time I did water sports and I love it, and won 3rd place for it! Beginner's luck ;)


The month of our country's independence day :D

I went to the Kuching Festival, I think my first time there. Cause my dad don't like to go to crowded areas, especially just for food -.- But anyhoos, Gracie and her boyfie, Json took me, and Delson there and there we met Xiong :'D I won a yellow colour angry bird, and the little turtle :3 Besides this kinda-major-event, I also helped out God's people! By volunteering to help Kids club. :D I wanted to try to get active in Godly matters this year, cause it's part of my resolution, not only it's part of a resolution but also it's because it's my job to do so! :D

BTW, Hari Raya came early this year :O!!


Attended an event on Facebook organized by a Church. Yes, it can be quite dangerous tho. No worries, I brought company :D It was quite fun, we played water gun and stuff. Then we had an awesome dinner :D

K nothing much in September. I remember my pledged to abandon my phone for 3 months, Guess what, it didn't work :D I can never abandon my phone even if my life was hanging with it. HAHA joking :0 I ain't that gay LOL


October, as usual, is my month, baby BD 

Receive all those homemade cakes and lovely presents x) Felt blessed to have awesome friends that remembered my Birthdate without the help of Facebook *i hope* xD and also, finally received my 2nd place trophy for blogging. Means, I'm the 2nd best Blogger in school. pffft. -__- #takpuashati HAHAHAH :D Going up the stage felt like everyone's going to BOO me, but then, it turn out the opposite. :') THANK GODD, 


How many of you have been on a ship that sells book? :D I DID I DID. lol. -sakai- well, this is not my 1st time though, my 1st time was ages ago. And after so long, Logos Hope, sister to Doulus the bookshop ship. :D Nothing to much there though :| But I met this one Korean guy ;) ;) AHH if only I could take a picture with him :/ HE'S SOOO SALTY ;) ;) *slaps self* D: 
I also went to two types of farewell dinner, one is my class dinner and another is the Magazine Committee Dinner. and both dinners are on the same weekend! EVERYDAY I'M EATING GOOD BD ahhhh after SPM, it's Goodbye school forever :')) "The awkward moment when you used to go to school everyday, and then you graduated, and you don't know what to do with your life anymore" :')) 

Ain't time fly that fast? And it's already December, Congratulation ! You survive till the end of 2011 :')


My December start off, with my first time going to a Church wedding. :D Seriously first. Whenever someone has a wedding, it's either at the Church or not. And usually, I'll overslept and skip the Church wedding part, and just go to the Dinner, but this time, I woke up super early. HAHA xD Also, Thanks to Sarawak Bloggers, for the tickets to the Hitz Birthday Invasion which is one hell of a party! 
And the next day, also Thanks to Sarawak Bloggers, especially the free t-shirt, in courtesy of #TwtUpKch, a successful event made to gather tweet-heads around Sarawak :D 
Sides that, I am now waiting for my L license, I sooo can't wait to get behind the wheels, :D HAHA, Basically, December is the month where I get to enjoy, and hey, it feels like every week, I'm out watching a movie, please stay that way. ahaha . I started work on the 15th, so it should be hard abit to go watch a movie, but still, I'm available at night ;) This month alone, I won a little something from TehTarikBlog which I am still anticipating to receive it, :X and also, I'm one of the consolation winner of Lipstiq, and Thanks to my boss for the encouraging support for me to join, besides, this is my first Lomo Competition :D *proud* :]] I even chase the Hitz Cruiser and got freebies! xD

yayyyy !

In a few more days, it would be 2012, my life will definitely change, good or worse, I don't know, but what I do know is, I'M READY :)) COME ON 2012, I IZ NOT AFRAID OF YOU HEEEEEE 
I hope next year would be a blessed even more fun year, and also hope that 2012 won't be cruel to me! Be like 2011, delicate and fun and all those pretty unicorns stuff. xD


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