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  #TwtUpKch event
Posted at 12/11/2011 10:05:00 PM
10th December 2011

2 days before this event, my Mum was talking about going to Spring on that Saturday. Coincidentally , #TwtUpKch was on that day too! As early as 9am, I woke up, despite sleeping at 2am+ the previous nights, I woke up, got ready and woke every body up to get ready. And we arrived Spring, around 11.12am. HAHA. I was one of the early birds. seeing as I have nothing to do, I went walking around and I even ate my Arabian style brunch :3

@peeciella , follow me on Twitter :D

So, after brunch, my family abandoned me at Spring and I was all alone #foreveralone. My friends who were suppose to come, were either still sleeping, or no transport, or too lazy -.- Their lost LOL. Anyways, I met up with my primary school friend, @meerulavery and his friends, I also met up with @cutebun and her cousin, @billionaireJL AKA Amelia :3 well, it's a good thing I was no longer #foreveralone :))

They were loads of fun games there. And loads of people whom I've made friends with. HEHE. Too many to list them down, but I've followed them on Twitter ;) ER. Ohyea, there were games like UNO, cards, UNO stacko another version, rubix cube, monopoly, arm wrestling, oh oh even football as in the one we play using our hands and controller and not the ones with our legs :P LOL. I tried everything. I lost to a beginner in UNO. I won arm wrestling, played against Amelia. haha didn't know I was strong :P and also, I lost big time in those cards games with Sherrie and Amelia T.T oh2, I got tie playing against my school mate brother HAHA. oh actually, I helped him goal 1 by kicking the ball into my goal T.T #epicfail, but then, I manage to stall him that he didn't goal anything playing with me :D But I almost goal, then people were asking me to shoot, and I was like, "HOW TO SHOOT?!!" T.T #epicfail . and lastly, didn't play UNO stacko another version & monopoly cause people were playing them and cause it was the same lounge as Rubix cube.

See I so clever solve the rubix cube :DD

but then again......

manage to solved only one side :/

and guess what's my favourite booth/lounge of all..... :D

haha the photo booth :3 picture taken by The Collective, check their Facebook page and do LIKE too cause they take awesome photo of me x) they even asked me to record a video which I deliberately talked crap in it until the end :O

Oh not to forget the entertainment from various singers/bands around Sarawak. DOUBLE AWESOME ;)

@eve_dutchez and @peeciella :D
If not wrong, I met Eve at Tomorrow's Leader Summit ages ago but didn't know her name :o ahaha. but I was shock she said hye  to me when she registered my name :D "oh hey I used to see you in my Twitter timeline" LOL. then I was like, *stare at her twitter name* and fortunately I remember :D eheheh :3 then when she asked to camwhore with me, I went all blur -3- don't know what happen. But she laughed at me D: HAHAHHAHA :3

@billionaireJL and @peeciella :3 yay new friend! actually I've chatted with her on Twitter awhile through @cutebun. ahaha @cutebun said that they were cousins and that it proves that I'm not the only SPM student that still sempat tweet every now and then :P

@peeciella, @cutebun and @billionaireJL :D


*prays @eve_dutchez doesn't chew me when she reads this* :3
When I heard @cutebun got the #TwtUpKch t-shirt, I was wondering how'd she get it and I found out she was one of the earliest to RSVP :3 then time goes by as I waited by the counter for the next announcement to redeem this cute t-shirt. Then 2 announcement past on, and non of them have my names in them. T.T so I went to the counter and wanted to asked how they got the t-shirts, then @EulMohiddin asked me whether I was one of the early birds, I said yea. then I got the t-shirts, #meGusta :3 then the next announcement came, and my name was in it too! I went LOLOLOLOL :D then cover my face and runaway :3

This awesomely cute shirt is brought to me by @SWKBLOGS , the organizer for #TwtUpKch :3 but actually should Thanks @cyrildason because he's the boss of @SWKBLOGS and also, the one that made #TwtUpKch happened :3 oh oh along with his crews LAWL :D

I hope they'll be #TwtUpKch next year :D BTW, this shirt looks so nice, you jelly? :3

Moral-of-the-story; Don't be lazy! Don't conserve your energy and wait for things to come to you instead of having them walking slowly to you. :)) 


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