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Posted at 12/07/2011 04:54:00 PM

Latest #addiction. 

HAHAHHAHA. I'm going to squeeze 3 dates into one posts cause I'm awesome like that ;)

Jeanette's Year End Youth Party (26th November 2011)

When I first arrived, they were playing a game called Dutch Blitz . I think it's origin is from somewhere no where near here cause it's my first time knowing the game existent. Even my half dutch friend said she have never seen any dutches in Holand played it. LOL. But I really enjoy playing this game x)


Ohyea, it was a potluck bbq dinner so each of us have to bring a food. and I brought Ayam Pansuh, :P too bad kids these days prefer something a little more western. I had 3 rounds of food and still feel hungry but shy :X first round I had noodles, ayam pansuh, midin and potato salad :3 2nd round I had bbq chicken wing, egg+meat cake(i think er) and more potato salad :D last round had chocolate something, not really sure what it is but it's the best :P hahaha.

This is oreo+cheese :D

Games x)

Outing with my sister (27th November 2011)

The decorations in Tun Jugah was nice. :P

It made Christmas suddenly seem like it's full of excitement. I guess it is. :D Now I can't wait for Christmas :O

So anyways, after church that Sunday, my sister drove us to the heart of Kuching, erm. almost the heart of Kuching. Parked. Then we walked around the malls there. We even went to the Popular Bookfair but we didn't have enough money so we went loitering around Tun Jugah.

I don't know why this few days I have this addiction with steam chicken rice :X mainly the chicken. It's like every time I go out to eat, I'll always eat steam chicken rice LOL. Somehow it taste nice, maybe the fat? err. But before this, I was never really fond of eating it.


I got my working place cleaned (4th December 2011)

Ever since early January this year, my mum and sister has been pestering me to throw my books and unwanted things away . But I couldn't. I told them I would do it after SPM lol. And I did it. Like finally :)

I have the knack to put books everywhere and around. I have a lot of books :X especially SPM reference books and such. And recently I bought a few more books, I think my mum is going crazy with all the books around. LOL

Middle part. Up part. Down part.
It's super messy as whenever I got new things or stuff that I held , I'll just put as I wish because it's either I have no place to put or I'm too lazy to put it back at it's original place LOL

K. It took the whole afternoon to clear all those rubbish. And with my lack of attention span, my cleaning finish later than expected. I was reading back my old diaries, old letters, ahh Life :P

Up, Middle, down.
I really like how I position my things this time. It looks less messy and more organize. :) and as for the SPM activity books that I never use before, still got bookshop smell, I'm going to try to sell. :P


Goodbye School necessities that used to take up a lot of space in my room. Hello big empty space that will be filled with junks in the future :D

Moral-of-the-story; Photos are the only things that doesn't change when people do. 


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