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  2012 baby ♥
Posted at 1/01/2012 02:59:00 PM

Last year, I made 11 wishes upon arriving 2011. So far....

Be an active church member. ; okayla. I did volunteered for Kids Club and I did go for the youth camp :]
 Pass the 4 main science subject, bio, physics, chemistry, add maths. ; FAIL.
 Finish SPM. ; ohyeahh, I've finished it alright :D
 Stay single for one year. ; FAIL when I met HIM 
 Don’t bring phone to school. ; This can say abit success la. But then, I most of the time didn't bring :D
Less online-ing. ; FAIL.
 Less watching korean dramas. ; Yes Yes :'( and now because of work, I can't even watch.. at all :'( unless I stream online LOL
 More studying. ; Okay Okay la. Got abit lazy 2 months before SPM. and also  on the 2nd and 3rd week of SPM. xD
Sleep in the afternoon, enough sleep everyday.  ; successkid.jpg 
Finish up till 15 story boards. ; FAIL my creative juice ran out :'( 
Face clear from pimple. ; a little bit success, I guess. :D

4/11 FAIL. YAY successkid.jpg :D Although I didn't  fulfill all my last year resolution, but at least I fulfill most of it . :'3

How I started my new year this year? well, to simplify it, it started off kinda tiring. Not enough sleep fml. I was working on new year's eve. and I'm still working on the new year. I slept at 2.30am last night, and woke up at 6.30am this morning to send my two besties off to National Service T.T I MISS THEM .

So this is the year 2012, and my 12 rsolutions for this year are,

- Own a Lomo Camera. 
- Get into college.
- Be satisfied and don't complain about my SPM results.
- Not breaking out of love.
- More money :o 
- Be happy about after school life. 
- Finally get my driving license.
- Be proud of at least two things I have in life. 
- Have enough rest.
- Appreciate life more.
- Don't waste a lot of money. 
- To always be there for my friends. 

Dear 2012,
Please be nice to me. Just like dear ol 2011.


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