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Posted at 1/09/2012 12:06:00 AM

You know how whenever there's a recycle campaign or advertisement, most of it would have the end of the world or global warming content. It's true tho! If you don't recycle, reuse and reduce, how many woods are you going to let be cut to make more of the papers you threw away just because you scribbled something ugly? How many more tins are you going to let laying around? How many plastic pencil holders are people going to produce just because some people are lazy of making pencil holder using tins. My point is, appreciate life and don't do anything that will ruin everything you've created since long. 

And since I've made a new resolution about it, I might as well jot down everything I'm going to appreciate so at the end of the year, I can really see my progress. HEE :)
Here are a few things I feel the need to appreciate. I don't appreciate much tho. I prefer buying new ones and abandoning the old ones. HAIZ. life.

Pizzas with the boyfie and the sister. Awesome people and awesome food. 

And recently, I started working, used almost all my paycheck on new clothes, new stuff. But then, I did gave some of my pay to my mum. Because I want to show that I appreciate her. I wonder if money is enough.... because at this age, I can't really do much. :/

My little sister. Basically my whole family. HEE. 
The other day I was online on Facebook, and I was stalking her quite a bit, and saw one of her status saying, "this person has made my year awesome! -insert my profile link-" at first I thought she was going to put her own profile link, but when I click it, it was mine. AWWW :')) 

This 2 new babies I got. The brown one was bought using my own paycheck, and the pink is from dad's. I've been stalking both of these for too long already. Thankyou daddyyy :))

Nuff said. But I don't know what I'll do without these crazy people in my family. xx
I'm not sure whether they know how much I love and need them, but deep down they're all that matters. I may seem like I don't care about anything, like I don't appreciate anything, but you'll never know what's lock up inside the core of my heart. HEE not to forget, my love for the Lord, my love for my boyfie, and my love for my close friends. What am I without them?

Just the other day, Kuching was raining dogs and cats, and the next day, most of the low land area flooded. When I heard that Kuching was flooded, especially town area, I was kinda shock? I couldn't believe cause my dad once told me, if my house were to be flooded, whole Kuchng would be a river. Oh wait... er nevermind. haha. so anyways, early that morning, my boyfie told me, that a girl drowned and died in the flooded downpour. I was double shock! HOW CAN HOW CAN. but it did happen. this shows that life can end in a sudden way, and it can happen to anyone. Appreciate life:)) 

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