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  CNY 2012
Posted at 1/24/2012 12:16:00 AM

I am in love with my dress :D 
It took me few weeks to search high and low for the perfect dress for new year, and finally, the other day, saw this near the place I was working. And I instantly fell in love :D 

So, what's your favourite part of Chinese New Year? :D *pause* aww. I like that too! My favourite part was when I got paid to eat. :D :D :D 

Too bad, I got old, and old, people stopped giving me angpaos :( should do a pony tail hair the next time I'm going visiting. haha 


Today, I went to 6 houses altogether. 3 house in the morning, 3 house in the evening. In between I had to go home, cause my sister's friend is coming. 

Ate just the basic food people always serve during festive seasons. Damn full :(  But I like :D at least can eat, and I think I gain weight. I don't dare to go check. 

cousin cousin auntie uncle LOL

me and my sister. :D 

sisters :D 

Despite the rain today, people still devour themselves in fire crackers, went from house to house just to eat. It would be better if it wasn't raining. Just cloudy like that. Cause when it rains, there'll be mud all over. and when there's mud, my new flats will get dirty :( :( 

I don't what else crap to say. 


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