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Posted at 1/29/2012 08:51:00 PM
27th January 2012

It was still the first week of chinese new year, and most of the shops were close. So I asked my boss if we could close early, and so we(Me and Grace) did. Then later, Lionel picked us up. Then we went to Fullhouse. My first time there. After reading so many cute reviews about it, and it's vicinity, I finally went there. The interior is super cute, too bad, I didn't get to take pictures cause I didn't bring my camera :(

3 of us ordered Lemon Green Tea. Feels like this few days, I kept on indulging myself with green tea, LOLOL.  

Then when I opened the menu, I saw Al-Funghi. And I was like, never heard of it before. Maybe I should try. Then when it comes, it was full with mushroom. I can't eat mushroom, cause of some accident I had in the past. Trauma :( Then I finally got it, Funghi, Fungi. LOL. should have read the description but was too lazy that night . haha So I switched meals with Grace.

And I ate her chicken chop. LOL. Okay la. :P

After dinner, we went to Boulevard, cause it has been longed since I've been there. Should be about a year already. sad. The interior decor was nice tho. And weird at the same time. They purposely make as if the dragon flew in from wall to wall. HAHA.

Then Lionel go ask me check my degree and stuff. Then the next thing I knew, he bought me three different colour lenses. -___- APALA.

And since then, I've been trying my very best to use it. If not, I would be just wasting someone's else money. I had some difficulties using it. I don't know why. My eyes to small :( Every time I wanna put in, I'll see an optician. double LOL.



Moral-of-the-story; Bloggers always have their camera/phone-camera around to snap photographic memories . 


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