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Posted at 1/04/2012 09:55:00 AM
30th December 2011

Me, Shilly and half of Pei Ing :) 

Last week was Shilly last day, my colleague. She had to teach me everything about the shop before she leave T.T and I taught her what happen to love. hahahaha :D Even tho we just met, but there's this strong bond, between me and this kid, that was indescribable :))  

My bosses were kind enough to organized a Farewell dinner for her at the restaurant above OneJaya, Bukit Mata Seafood. LOL

View of the night. 

Tauhu smothered with mix veges. LOL

Sea cucumber soup :D

Some siput clam thingy -.- But it was nice :D

Non of us love mushrooms. In fact, I'll get a minor headache when I eat them -.- HAHA. :D

Butter Crab 

couldn't get enough of the butter, I had to ask shamely for Butter Chicken :D

It was such a satisfying meal, costs around RM103. :D Thanks Boss for the farewell party, even tho it's not mine LOL 

Dear Shilly Tan Li May, I did feel like crying on your last day, because I can't stand seeing people leave me one by one. And the next day, I was still hoping you'll come back to work. :') Well, you'll come back, For now, be good in school, and don't be gay! xx


Speaking of farewell, today is the starting of another school year in Malaysia. Honestly, I really do wanna get back in school like everybody else. I feel so empty inside, and it feels like something's missing. Work is just another option in life, working fills up all the space that used to be for school. This morning, when I was up quite early to wake boyfie up, I felt a little jealous. Thinking back the stairs I used to jump down, thinking all the kinds of people I'll meet, the tests they give and the disappointments. I can't believe, I'm saying this. But, I miss school :(
Would college and Universities be able to substitute school life? I don't think so tho. Even tho they're quite similar, but I bet nothing can be compare to school. People complained alot about going to school, but one day they'll see how much they miss school. Trust me. I am there now. I always wanted this life, but why am I not enjoying it now? Form 6 is another option this year, but I don't think I want to opt for it, I don't think I want to waste my time doing things I dislike. I remember before, I dislike studying things I hate. I still am. But I kinda miss the feeling haha.
Yea, so, what's going to happen to my life this year? well I guess, I'll opt a nice college, study the thing I want, the thing that's worth it. And hopefully, I won't miss school that much. :)

Moral-of-the-story; Don't scar yourself with things that aren't worth . :]


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