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Posted at 1/23/2012 09:39:00 AM

December last year, I stumbled upon something and, I like joining competitions, so I joined. And I was shocked, when Mr.TehTarik told me I won. LOL. I won a little something from him from Japan. :D cute right? and it makes this sound, that whenever it hits the wind, it can wake the whole household wake up from their beauty sleep. LOL. I just got it, 2 days ago. sad but just in time for new year :D :D 

which reminds me, Happy Chinese New Year people! 

My Chinese New Year feast LOL. Didn't really do those reunion stuff cause most of my chinese side of the family celebrates in Sibu. sad right? :( I can't go there. :( :( 

Then after dinner, me, my two sisters, Delson and his PLKN friend, Leon, went to chill at Starbucks. After much thought, we decided to watch a movie. The Underworld Awakening.

When human forces discover the existence of the Vampire and Lycan clans, a war to eradicate both species commences. The vampire warrioress Selene leads the battle against humankind.

The movie is kinda nice. I paid attention the whole time. Except those little time where I need to reply texts. But then, I watched it. And I pretty much enjoy it. Which is weird. Because I don't usually watch movies like this. I THINK THEY'RE MOCKING TWILLIGHT lol Vampires, and werewolves that they called Lycans?? LOL. I guess watching it in 3D would be nice, but then, what if, those tearing up people's faces came when you're watching it in 3D. euw. wouldn't that be.... simply... disgusting. D:

I give it a 6/10 :3 

After movie, we went out the building to find the rain pouring down. And it was 12am that moment. People were still shooting their fireworks. Chinese New Year Spirit :') For the first 9 minutes, we stayed in the car watching the fireworks.

We stopped in the front of someone playing firecrackers :D woo

Then we got home, and my neighbourhood so quiet one. don't know why, maybe they all go reunion dinner LOL. only my opposite neighbour play XP they got so many the long one. maybe they want more luck to come in? haha :D

Me and my buddy, Delson :3
So long no see him! He went to PLKN, and now he's back for the holidays. Anyone messing with him, have to face.... ohh candy :D :D :D :D

We've been friends for 2 years, can consider 3 years liao XP yee. Love him to bits :))

And lastly, my camwhore picture would like to wish everyone,
A blessed Chinese New Year! Happy Dragon year!



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