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Priscilla Tawie
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  I have a dream
Posted at 1/20/2012 10:09:00 AM

I couldn't let my blog die. No way. 

I've been busy working. But during work, there's nothing to be busy about. Unless I worked myself up by wiping the windows my boss always wanted me to do. I got nagged yesterday, now I fear of getting fired :( Hey, at least I sweep the floor every day , and mop the floor too! :P
Ah. I had a rough day yesterday, I hate it when people force me to do things. You know. Who doesn't? Especially when people force me to spill out my secret. I mean, WHO ARE YOU TO DO THAT?! :( Now my secret is severely out, and I fear this secret will get out out. 

I didn't mean tooo.. :'( But how can you control something that the heart desire? 


Drop that topic. 

Have you heard of SOPA? If not, it's STOP ONLINE PIRACY ACT. It means, my blog will be force to close down, I will go to jail because I've copied pictures into my blog from Google. HECK. Then, all the mp3 songs I've downloaded online, I'll get caught for it. What.The.Hell. Then, if the internet is not for that, then what is it for? To study and only study stuff? Bitch please. Even wikipedia has contents that violated the SOPA rule. I just don't understand what Lamar Smith Congressman is thinking, but I think he just wants people to throw him out.

If you disagree with SOPA, write congress now! and vote NO to SOPA!

Moral-of-the-story; DO NOT ACT STUPIDLY !


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