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  My second and Third day CNY
Posted at 1/26/2012 01:26:00 AM

I open house on the 2nd day, invited my old classmates, and anybody who asked. And the whole morning, my house was packed with relatives. They're the first to arrive, had a really tired time serving them drinks. And my house space isn't really that wide either. (until one day my grandma complain that she didn't wanna live with us cause there isn't any space for her to breathe HAHA #truestory) My house many stuff one, but then, I still live comfortably. So anyways, after my relative left, my friends came in pairs, in groups. Then my brother's friend came too. And the house was packed again. Well, at least the food finish la. LOL. my dad cooked kacang ma. And we catered outside food too, which we thought wouldn't feed enough, but ended up having leftovers. Okay la. Not bad. :) 
Then at night, went out to Ipoh Town with Ronald, Kenny and Ray. They bring me drink coffee at night. xD haha. I also want go , apala -_- then at night, I can't sleep. So last night ended up sleeping at 5am :D I spent my night, texting, spamming people, online. LOL. :( 

Then on the 3rd day of CNY, I woke up around 8am like that, bath and stuff. Then wait for David to come and fetch me go visiting. xD Okay ba, we went to 4 houses, including his. Arrive his house, he feed me with cheese cake one. :( die lo die lo. I gain few KGs thanks to CNY already . HAHA I didn't go check, I don't dare LOL. I remember how Cheng used to comfort me, she would say, that the weight machine spoilt and stuff, and I would always feel less sad. But was still sad. Can't help it ba, must eat. :( What to do, fat also fat la. I no time go jogging, exercise and stuff :( oh ehe, then around 5pm like that, went home, and sleep. Then when I woke up it was already 8pm, can't bath eh, so I hang out outside home with my sisters, Grace, Delson, and Leon. Hang outwith them very fun one. Throw them one topic, they'll discuss like hell ah xD

I've just completed a meaningless yet meaningful post about 2 days of my week. 
You know what's funny? Last week, I was being all depress, like it's the end of the world. And then, suddenly this week, runs very smoothly, this feeling is like everything I've always wanted. It feels happy. But this feeling always never last one, the saddest thing about it too, it always ends fast too. It's how life works. Nothing always goes the way you want it, when you want, and how you want it. :(

Moral-of-the-story ; Never drink coffee at night even tho you're confident you still can sleep even after drinking it. 


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