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  Birthday Girl
Posted at 2/29/2012 12:58:00 PM

Veronica & Me. 
Have been friends for 5 years. and going. Can't believe time really flies that fast. :') She moved to my school in the year 2008, became really close friends after that. And in the year 2010, she moved away. And now she's back in Kuching again. 

She's still that petite little girl. But she grew a little taller. She has been wearing heels , but that didn't stop me from being taller than her. As always. 

I remember, we used to play this game, I'll push her hair, then she'll wine, then I'll pull her head to take back the pain I gave her. hahahahhaha LOL. Miss doing that sometimes :') 

So, last night, went to her birthday dinner after work. She was rushing me like hell. I dragged Lionel into going there with me. LOL. But I made it. Look around, many has gone back already. 

Ah. She's still that happy go lucky emotional little brat :P :P But taller. haha. :D Can't believe I get to meet her again after so many years. 

I bought her an earrings. LOL. I'll always buy her jewelleries for her birthday. I don't know why. But I hope she likes it :) 

Happy Yesterday is your birthday, dear :) 


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