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  Diana Mini
Posted at 2/14/2012 12:58:00 PM

Last month , I thought of buying Fisheye 2 , pink . Cause it's the only pink colour camera left in Regalo :( I was thinking, why would I need a fisheye affect to act as a beginner camera. Then , I finally decided to buy myself a Diana Mini on the 1st of February :D

I purposely buy ISO 400 because I know my hand will be itchy to snap random pictures every where haha :D

YES. Finally I can Haz a Lomo Camera to play with . after weeks of talking about it :) 

Diana Mini comes with 2 features , taking 2 photos in one frame and the normal square photo . It also has the normal and bulb mode. So, it's like the most perfect camera for a beginner. =)

It's been 2 weeks since my purchase, and I've been happily snapping random pictures every day. And I've develop my first 3 rolls :D now I'm stuck at my 4th roll , thinking what to snap again . Will share more next time :D 


Some pictures I like, :)

Who knew it would come out so nice :D

David :P

This is so random ! 

And this comes out really unexpected haha :P


Moral-of-the-story ; Never argue with someone who's trying to compare between a lomo application on phone and a lomo camera. Because uninterested lomo camera users will never know the difference :) (just saying, not saying anyone in particular)



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