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  Gunung Gading
Posted at 2/24/2012 12:37:00 PM
22 February 2012

Us. Taken like super early in the morning. 
I woke up damn early that morning, 5AM. It feels like I'm waking up to go to school. EHEH. After he picked me up, we went to have breakfast , then off to Gunung Gading, Lundu to hike :D 


The toilet hut . 
It was drizzling that morning, but then, we still manage by. There were 6 of us. All boys except me. LOL. But they tend to help me around, since I'm a girl. We walked up the stairs of the mountain. And not come to 10 minutes, we already feel like going down. Hiking up was tiring. :( 

Didn't take any NICE pictures of the scenery inside mount Gading, but it was nice. EHEH. lol . we hike up till waterfall number 7 , and by then we were almost fainting. Or maybe, it's just me. I'm not used to all this activities, *shame on me* 

It's breath taking isn't it ? 

But if you ask me to hike mount Gading again, I would definitely say no. Or if you fly me up the top, I still can manage to walk down, or run. But hiking up is definitely tiring. I want to say that it's worth it, because of the breath taking scene, also don't feel like it. EHEH. 

But it was still a nice experience. OH and , I got bitten by a leech , LOL. at a very very private area :( It didn't hurt until I notice it. I think I got it from sitting at the rock feeling the gushes from the waterfall water. I think. If not, where else would I have gotten it :( 
When I first notice it, I was screaming for Lionel's name. And at that very moment I was in the boys toilet, because I don't dare to go to the girls toilet alone. HEH. we didn't know what to do, so he tried to pull it away. But actually, we can't. Otherwise the teeth of the leech would get stuck there :( but but... then the whole afternoon , blood was flowing non stop. mm. And now it became something odd :(

Still, I really did have a good experience :) Any where I go, as long got him, Any thing also can. AHAHA

Moral-of-the-story ; BURN THAT LEECH BURN IT. 


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