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  Life don't have its limits
Posted at 2/02/2012 05:03:00 PM

My weeks are like bumps, never straight, and full of dramas. 

I have been acting really cautious lately. I really tried not to trigger something that might end up becoming a huge fire. At times, I try my best to hide myself, deny every thing and act as if nothing has happen.
God wants me to choose. And with this I have to tell the truth, and sacrifice. But I couldn't. I don't have the heart to. I'm really afraid of hurting's people feelings, especially when they have no faults against me. I may not be the bestest friend, But I've been a cautious one. 


So, how's life? 
I've been going out every night. Trying out the different activities offered around Kuching. Like the other day, I went on the Pirate Ship at Hills. URGH. I felt like puking after that. And I got all green sick the rest of the night , remembering it can make me feel like puking. It's that bad :( Then, the next night, went roller blading. Tonight go Go Kart . HAHA. Which reminds me, I just bought a Diana Mini :D 

If only it was pink.. or leopard :( But then, I'm still happy I finally own a Lomo Camera. After days of looking at customers, buying it and sending their films, I finally get to try it too :D Have been bringing it out to snap around , I can't wait to see the outcome :D HM

Moral-of-the-story ; Don't go play Pirate Ship D:  *pukes*


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