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  Lomography #2
Posted at 2/25/2012 05:05:00 PM


Just got my 1st film back. Yes. Wasn't really that satisfying, :( Maybe cause that was my first film. *excuse* HAHA 

Longer exposure. Taken at the world of wheels. A skating arena. This was my first time going there. And I went there with Lionel, his brother, and his brother's girlfriend :) Fell down a couple of times, but always ended up laughing. EHEH. 

The shoes area damn smelly. But before they lent us, they'll spray the shoes first. HAHA if not.... :D 

A fail picture of Velocity Go Kart Arena. HAHA. damn. My first film ba, what to do :D HAHA

Multiple exposure of someone who hates my flash :( so yeaa...

Lionel and me. A picture taken on the day before we got together. Taken at the roller skating arena. So nice :D


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