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  Love at first Lomo - Diana Mini
Posted at 2/20/2012 12:59:00 PM

*posts with truck loads of photos*

Not long before I bought my very first lomo camera after ages of longing it. I bought a pack films, and I snap everything I see. (okay so not everything. but you get the picture *haha* ) , And within a week plus, I've finish 3 rolls of films. *no regrets* and I'm still currently stuck at my 4th film thinking what to take. But I'll always try to find something new to experiment with. 

And after looking at the first 2 films, I feel satisfied, feel in love. Feel surprise, and happy. All at the same time. The photos came out unexpectedly. I thought I would have more blur pictures, but nothing was blur, everything was perfect. Even though there are some pictures that came out something else than what I planned. But it was still beautiful. 

Multiple exposure photos of Shaunica, The inside of Regalo Gift Shop, and Teem Junior :) 

Porkies, Jalan Song. :)

The food court beside OneJaya on a bright sunny day. :) 

A photo of my friend, David. And this came out unexpectedly nice! It's something I didn't expect at all :)

Lionel at Regalo :) 

Don't you think this is cute? A picture of him eating his dinner at Sugarbun one lovely night :)

A multiple exposure of the Plane ride sold at Regalo, and the interior of Regalo. :) 

Forgot to switch on my flash. But this accidental creates a vintage dark photo. :) A multiple exposure of Regalo interior. :)

Brown contact lens. I love that colour. :') But it spoilt. haha . a cam-whore picture with dearest before he shave his moustache off :P

The part timers at Regalo. Grace and Pei Ing. Two pretty lads ♥ *spot the pink hippo's tail*

One lovely morning, eating kolok mee and drinking green tea for breakfast with Lionel :) Used to drink Green tea every day. and in one day can drink up till 3 cans. Then one day, I got sick of it. Even puking it out. And since then, I stopped drinking it. :P 

ELMO. :D before we were together, we went to Boulevard for a stroll. Then I saw an elmo key-chain. He immedietly buys it and display it in his car. Just like that. :)  

Went to hang out with my neighbours after 6 years . Multiple exposure of her, and her Justin Bieber wall. :P

Brandon: whaddya want from me?! :P

A picture of Lionel's little sister :) 

Chap Goh Mei night. Brought Lionel along to be introduce to my family. :) *spot my Diana Mini lens cover*

Bing's Vanilla Shake 

Oh. Hello there, big sister :) 

Onejaya :)

Sugarbun :D 

My friend since form 1, known each other through Friendster. UM. Shaunica :)

was really surprise to see this picture! Me and Lionel, and Grace. haha :D 

A combination of me, Lionel's head, and his little brother savouring on the ice-cream I bought :)


This is suppose to be a two picture in one frame. but I crop one out. Was experimenting with the pink colour filter. And it looks nice :)

Some people may think that lomography is a waste of time , buying all the films that is costly, when you can just take a photo with your digital camera and edit it. But it's the end result that is priceless, after all the effort wasted, the outcome would be a surprise. And that feeling of surprise is something compare to nothing. For me, it's worth it. 

Moral-of-the-story; Try something new and be amaze with the result. :)


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