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  Before and After
Posted at 3/03/2012 12:17:00 PM

Have been seeing this picture around the net, and thought...

I don't think, there's a physical difference of girls between before breaking up and after breaking up. We don't suddenly change into supermodels after breaking up. (But then, if we do, then you're probably the reason why we didn't become a supermodel earlier.)

Boys, remember those times when you chased your ex girlfriend? When you wanted her so badly? You see her as the most beautiful human being ever. And after you got them, you sometimes tend to forget the reason why you wanted her so badly? Maybe because you thought, "OH I GOT HER. I DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ANYMORE". But no, you're wrong. After you got her, keeping her by your side is something you have to worry more. 

And some boys, they tend to get bored after they got the girl they want. They used to think she's the most beautiful human being ever, but after a while, it's different. Then, after she chose to break up, they see that she became something else. Something more than when they were with him. 

It's not because she changed. It's because some boys, forgot. During the relationship, some boys, they don't pay much attention like they used to anymore. They choose to don't care anymore. Cause as long as she's with him, nothing matters. Then after you lose her, it's only when you realize all the qualities she have. 

This may go the same vice versa. So what do you think ? 

My advice, To keep a relationship going, you have to always try to understand your partners. You also have to always be honest, For example, if you don't feel the way you used to feel, don't hold on, but let go. Because the pain won't last compare to all the times you said ILY when you don't mean it. Another one is, always have time to spend with each other. That way, what you felt at the first stage of a relationship won't fade. And lastly, for boys, reassure her, nothing's gonna hurt her. And don't forget to keep that promise. And not only that, all the promises you ever made. And if you can't keep it, be honest. Or don't make the promise at all :)

Just my two cents. Sorry if I've offend anybody ;) 

When you love somebody, everything they do seems perfect to you. 


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