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  The Devil Inside
Posted at 3/06/2012 02:27:00 PM

Went to watched this movie after work last night. With Lionel, My sister, Kok, Lionel's brother and mother. Yesterday, I thought of going for a movie with love. And when I logged on to MBO's website, the first thing that I saw was The Devil Inside. Went to searched for the review on random blogs, but couldn't find any. :( So, I went ahead in watching this. Then my friend told me that this movie is boring. So doubtful me went to search the trailer on Youtube.

Isabella Rossi was trying to find out what happen to her mother after 20 years. And when she did......

That's not her. :)

She found out, she has to learn about exorcism .

I would say that this movie manage to make me scream twice. :( But this movie is not boring if you concentrate the whole way.

Would say that this movie is worth the watch. "would" .

HEY, everybody dies in the end. Which makes it quite a disappointment at the end. But then , if this movie has a happy ending, then it would be typical.

At the end of the day, I'm still able to sleep. Means, it didn't scare me that much. I mean, I'm used to hearing this kinds of story. Possessions. As long as we believed in Christianity, and we have faith in God , we will always remained protected. 


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