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Posted at 3/01/2012 03:32:00 PM

Every month, it's always the same. Asking a new month to be good, but in fact it's just the same. 

From what I learnt in February , I have to save money, and not spend it unnecessary :) I don't know why , whenever I'm depress or whenever I'm bored, I'll spend it. Even when I don't have any cash left, I'll just spend. It's not really good. Money don't come easy. I know that. :(

So a new month, what to expect ? 
My SPM result is coming out this 22nd . Then I'd be busy with things regarding my studies. I hope I'll get results that are just nice. Just fits perfectly with my life plan. And most of all, I hope I don't regret a thing. 

Life is good. 
I fear of being in distant with him. I just couldn't bear it. But I know, if we were meant to be together, everything will work out definitely. 

The little things in life, bad or good, it is all meant to be cherish. Because one day, you won't get to feel again. I am trying my very best to appreciate my life. Not to let pride get the best of me. 

OH HEY, I got my driving license :) 


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