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  Once Upon A time
Posted at 3/08/2012 02:31:00 PM
My sister and her peach delight. 
 13 years ago, my mother asked me whether I want a little sister or a little brother. I remembered, I answered promptly that I wanted a little sister. And on 7th March of 1999, God gave me a little sister. :') We played together ever since.

what I gave her ;)

To celebrate it , we went to Sidewalk for dinner :) 









My dad's Jasmine tea. 


My sister's choco latte :D

His hot chocolate ;) 


And my chocolate :D 


Potato wedges. would be nicer if it comes with cheese :D but it was definitely crispy!


Dad's mushroom soup :D


My little sister's Rosemarry chicken. The chicken was amazingly soft ;) mm


My little brother's fish and chip :D


Dad's deep fry grill chicken :D


Big sister's grill chicken :)


Big brother's mango chicken. I asked him whether it taste like mango, he said yes. Must be nice :)


Cajun chicken. :D mm. With linguine as well ;) Always prefer linguine than spaghetti. Always prefer non thin noodles. Don't know why LOL


As for desert, we ordered oreo cheese cake :D


Damn nice. especially the cheese. omgg. fat :(


Lemon grass creme brule. Don't really like it. the lady boss said that most people loved this desert because of the lemon grass smell. But whenever I eat this, I feel like :( mainly because lemon grass is the main ingredient to make Iban's ayam pansuh . And each spoon of the creme brule, reminds me of the hot steamy ayam pansuh my dad always cook.   I think the people who mostly opt for this has never taste ayam pansuh :( or maybe it's just me. HAHA. ohyeaaa. but if you haven't tasted ayam pansuh, then you should try lemon grass creme brule :) I heard it's their best dessert ! 


A little smile goes a long way ;)


On the down side, I watched this video yesterday and felt that it's everyone's responsibility to do so too! 

Joseph Kony is a guy who abducts children and turn them into little soldiers. Teaching them how to dismantle people's faces with their own hands and separating them from their parents. At the moment, he is not known, but with the help of Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Youtube, there are people trying to make him known. Not to celebrate him. But to create awareness on how dangerous and how he needs to be arrested. He has been committing the same crime for 26 years. 26 YEARS IS A LONG TIME. So therefore, in order to capture him, an awareness must be build in each and everyone on earth. An awareness to make the high authority be aware that HE MUST BE ARRESTED.

WATCH AND SHARE. you can make a difference ;)

 Hey I just met you, and this is crazy but here's my number so call me maybe ;)

Moral-of-the-story ; Be aware of everything around you. A little change can create a big difference.


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