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  Some kids
Posted at 3/24/2012 08:40:00 PM

It's not that I want to interfere, it's just that, some people don't realize something. It's like, somebody tells you there's a squirrel in front of you, and you went on looking left and right asking where is it ? It's like so obvious, and yet you're trying so hard to be oblivious. It's something so simple yet some people tend to make it complicated. It's like you can sing the alphabets out but you insist on saying the alphabets , trying so hard to figure what's next. Well that's what I do, watch enough dramas.
cause I can't memorize the alphabets unless I sing them. But that's not the point. The point is, some people love to make life even more complex than what it already is. And what's worse is , after complicating things, they tend to give up fixing it back. It's like you don't even care. It's like, you say, that's it. It's over. And then it's over. It's like you never care in the first place. Or maybe you just didn't 

It's nothing much. But I feel like ranting. I can never understand why after somebody reject you, you can't be friends? It is wrong? Not even mega bestfriend? It is better to have nothing to do with that person you really like so much , rather than having at least a few parts of their life? Some guy told me he don't want to lose her, but in the end, he let's her go. She wanted to be his bestfriend stead, but I guess that option isn't in him. 
Last night she was sad about something, so I personally asked him to be by her side. He told me, "When she's sad. She have me. When I'm sad, who's with me?" . Lucky I was damn eye dropping, if not he would have got it from me. But I didn't tell him anything since he wanted to give up so fast. But then , seriously , how can you force people to open their heart for you if you don't even show that you care? Even worse, you've let her down. Dude, you really nearly nail it. But you chose to give up. 

I remember months ago, I was crying in the toilet, and this one guy texted me. He comfort me, even bring me out to have fun and forget my misery. He was there, he talked to me. And in between all the talks, it made me realize that he really cares. He made me smile, and laugh a lot. I don't know what sorcery did he use, but he made me fall in love. We went out every night, and we started to listen to each others problems. Then one day, he asked me to be his girlfriend. But that's a different story already ;)

My point is, for all the guys out there, good girls don't want your money. Don't look at your looks. Don't care how many packs of abs you got. As long as you're sincere, and I got to admit, your fashion sense is better than worse, as long as you show that you really care, you'll get her. And if you got hit by the friend-zoned word, then it's okay. Don't give up in finding the one that's really for you. But then if you got rejected for being over-reacting annoying, then it's your fault. We girls are not toys for you to play with. We don't find it funny, or even pity when you say, "we can't be friends anymore" . Because we girls are easily intimidated, when you say that, we can over annoyed. And it also shows how selfish you are. And girls, when you're ready, give the good guys some chance! ;) 

Moral-of-the-story ; The key to chase a girl, is to always be sincere, caring and to always be there for her. Even after you've got her. 


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