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Posted at 3/21/2012 01:40:00 PM

I slept kinda late last night, and woke up kinda early cause even in my sleep I was dead nervous. SPM RESULT. FINALLY. YAY. haha :) 

I expect my result to come out like that. Although I do wish it's 5As . My dad promised me 5k for 5As, but since I only got 3As :( aw. I'm cursed with 3As. I can bet for every government exam I sit for, I'll always get 3As. Whatever la. :P 

So after I got my result, I straight go to Segi College, Kuching and register myself for the A levels programme. Ah. So this is my life :') 

Well, even though I didn't get that precious 5As, I'm still satisfy with my result. When I first saw my slip, saw that I got 3As, and one of em is History, I screamt like a lunatic. And I don't know how many times I scream my lungs out in school. I'm so proud of myself. 


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