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Posted at 4/25/2012 02:23:00 PM

Have been absence from blog for a very long time, So here's a picture of some jungle I went to with the boyfie's family earlier this month to compensate. haha :) It was kinda nice playing in the river water, the only down side about it , is just that the stones in the water were homes for fungus. and stepping or touching on fungus is not a nice thing to do :( but nevertheless, I enjoyed it. especially the food. heh :) 

So yea, back and random blogging about anything I find inside my camera :PP

The other day, some dudes asked me to help out in setting up one of their shops selling different items stead. I was kinda shock at the items sold , but I guess, money works the world LOL

How many of you are using this brand slippers? :) 

So I was told to wait outside the building to guard the slippers. heh. No stars to see. No use :( 


Fippers :D
Putting up all those slippers took almost 2 hours plus, and we stayed in the shopping mall even after the building was close. and I was honour to see the inside of the building closed. LOL Gay . 

Anyways, if you happen to be at Kuching or is staying in Kuching, do drop by Boulevard Shopping Mall, and find this little kiosk at Level one. :D and do grab yourself one of these slippers even tho you can buy it some where near to your house, I mean for this brand. EHEH. Thankyou

Now here's a gay picture of me :) 

Don't forget to say hye to Elmo's half face :) 

Moral-of-the-story ; Be supportive of your local productions =]


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