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Posted at 4/10/2012 02:24:00 PM

Yesterday I went to Segi with my dad, and the guy there happens to be my dad's good friend. So they were talking about how he has a generations of lawyers, and how my dad's family has non. And so my dad told him, "I wanted her to be a lawyer. She'll be the first one in the family" . I went speechless cause all I ever wanted to do is to write. I wanted to be a journalist ever since I was in primary school. And it just so, the other day, my little sister told me that my form 1 teacher asked her whether I've become a good journalist yet ? WOW. I've been thinking since yesterday, what he said. Yes I know I am going to study Law in college, But I thought I will become a reporter after that. I thought I can be something I didn't learn. He's putting he's hope up so high, that I can't imagine me being a lawyer, what more to say fighting for rights? Cause ever since before, I'm always the background cheerer, never the one who stands up for anything. I'm never that good in standing up for myself. I'm always the one that writes a long essay to cheer people up . 

But if that's the case, then alright. I'll try to be somebody in the future. I remember my dad used to tell us how he wanted to be a lawyer so badly, I guess he wants me to be a lawyer so badly, because he can't. After all, among all my siblings, I'm the most political one & the most historic one. HEH. 


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