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  The Village, Sematan
Posted at 4/30/2012 01:46:00 PM

So last Saturday and Sunday I went to a 2 days 1 night trip with my uncle, auntie, cousin, niece, and family to a get away at Sematan. I thought it would a nice trip with less mosquitoes, less insects, less screaming :( But. Er, the beach was nice. 

The outside of our chalet. Well, at least they have a BBQ pit ==

Our chalet, You don't wanna see the rest. Our aircond was on 16 degrees, but it felt like 28 :( And our shower opened full blast, but it feels like I didn't open it at all :( And *complain complains* ;( ER well at least the beach was nice.

Seriously. No joke :) 

10 to 15 minutes walk to the beach from the beach gate of the resort. It was pretty wide! I think I lost a few kgs from all the walk ahhaha !

So anyways, we started our journey at 10am, stop around, and finally reached at 2pm. 

Before arriving, we stopped to have our lunch first. And when I took a sip at my drink, I saw an ant. A tiny little ant. BUT HUGE ANT !! so I told the "kind nice" auntie, and I knew she saw it , but she purposely go and stir the drink, and say, "WHERE WHERE GOT ANT?!" . -___- K LO !!


As soon as we arrive, it was damn hot, the aircond wasn't really working, my brother was pestering me to take him to the beach, but it was way way hot. WHO GOES TO THE BEACH AT 3PM ?! =.= so I went to sleep. and thirty minutes later, my dad called me from the beach. He asked me not to be lazy and head on to the beach :O WHAT WHAT.. and when I went there, my uncle, auntie, cousins were collecting jelly fish. :O!!

Many would ask, "doesn't it stink if you pick it up like that?" . Actually no. Only the red one do! And this white one, when you disturb it when it's active, it'll just make your head itchy.. :O and blue. and itchy ;( But when it's in passive mode, touch all you want, it won't kill :P hahhaa.



Barbecue cum niece's birthday cum auntie&uncle's anniversary celebration session :D

Yay cheese cake :DD

So, I went to bed early that Saturday night cause I hardly had enough sleep the previous night. :( And I was really tired. It's a good thing, the aircond was cold enough at night, maybe because it was naturally cold at night, plus, we were surrounded by trees. Er. 

And the next morning, I woke up and immediately search for food but couldn't :( and the complimentary food ticket was no where to be found , so I asked for one more, and had breakfast. 

My can't wait to go home face :D

The facilities includes, swimming pool, play room with ping pong table, astro, and cafeteria :)
The place isn't that bad for a day trip. haha! 

Moral-of-the-story; Research before you act !


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