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  What people think I do MEME
Posted at 4/26/2012 09:09:00 PM

What people think about bloggers , picture by :)

In my opinion

What society thinks I do ; Some people who aren't into blogging, might think that we bloggers are a showoffs. Anything that happens, we'll tell the world about it. -_-

What my dad thinks I do ; I think he thinks that with me blogging, it's a cool thing. He supports and all, cause he's a blogger too ;) 

What my mum thinks I do ; My mum however, don't like the fact that I post things to openly sometimes :D !

What my friends thinks I do ; Go out, spend spend. LOL. and for now, I always blog about life in  deep deep words. And I guess, my friends thinks I'm an emo person living a very sad life LOL

What my boyfriend thinks I do ; Actually I don't know what he thinks about me blogging LOL The only thing he knows about this blog, is I earn money through it :)

What people think blogger wants ; From experience, I think people thinks blogger just wants attention.

What I think I do ; Trying so hard to improve my English, and continue the passion of writing in good English. and less smileys sometimes. Also, I think I inspire people with some of my emo posts. I think la. LOL

What I really do ; Definitely post random craps up like this one. LOL

Moral-of-the-story ; Don't get affected by people's opinion towards you. It's their opinion and you simply choose to ignore it ;)

Do comment your opinion below ;)

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