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  be selfish to be happy
Posted at 5/29/2012 11:15:00 AM

I believe in a better tomorrow.

Had no idea how to thank a bunch of people that simply care for me. Or scare of my tears. But this bunch of people were the ones who inspire me to live my life and make me believe there is still hope. It's hard to see people like them in my life, every week there's always a bunch other people backstabbing me. & it made me feel as if , I've no friends, made me feel there is no hope in making or finding good friends. 

Would love to thank John & Shaunica for the physical comfort, and also for being in a park with hungry mosquitoes just to accompany me. Would love to thank Cheng & Kien for giving me support and all the sweet comforting words. And would love to thank Delson, for telling me why do boys do things like this, & also, his comfort words. mhm.


I gave up caring. I feel like there is no longer the need to care. I know I've said it a million times, why would I care if someone's sad when I can be happy. It's selfish, but they'll move on. Wouldn't wanna waste time doing things that isn't worth it, I mean, why put first to people who put you second? 

"The people who tried very hard to make people happy, is said to be the loneliest & unhappy"

Seeing, as nothing goes right, everyday it's the same drama, guess I'll be backing off, I won't find him anymore. I'll wait for him to find me. Maybe, both of us will finally be happy again. 

Sometimes you have to be selfish to be happy . Nobody say happiness is easy to get, you have to earn it. If happiness is easy, then nobody would be working right now, they'll be sleeping at home watching dramas, while waiting for the next harvest of their money tree. But life isn't that easy. I may be naive, but I know, everyday something bad happens in the world. And some of us are lucky enough to have escape from it.

My friend told me , that there's no use of being an emo sloppy person. But sometimes, you just have to find a way to stop the hurt & the pain. You try to keep yourself busy, but it's useless once you're done. You'll end up crying again. But sometimes, crying really helps a lot. Trust me 

Cry as much as you want, but make sure when you're finish, you'll never cry for the same thing again. - Wiz Khalifa

A friend is someone who believes in you, when you've cease to believe in yourself.


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