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  It's been a while
Posted at 5/25/2012 11:31:00 PM

It's been a while since I last talk about what happen in my life, how's my day, was it good, was it bad. & also, it's been a long while since I last talk about myself. ER, actually myself, and not about a fortune teller guy

So. Today, I went to work in the morning. OH before work, I actually had a drama going on & so early in the morning. But it really hurts when nothing goes as I want it to be. As expected. Last night I went to bed, with this one hope. I tell myself, tomorrow is going to be a good day, I actually told myself to cheer up and go to sleep feeling happy. I was really really happy. But this morning. I realize, I had lie to myself. So, after I arrived at work, I saw this girl I know, being all sweet and all with a guy I know. Aw, how sweet. Until I realize, she had a boyfriend and is still together. wtf Girls this days. If not gold digger, is cheeky. If not cheeky, is greedy. If not greedy, is selfish. If not selfish, is brainless. Then, I stared at them with curiosity even more, until she realized I was staring and looked my way. Then I pretend to walk. hahaha!

Then, at shop, I online. Online. Online. Then I found out, Xiaxue made into the online newspaper. HAHA. Those guys who internet abuse her, really deserve all those pwning! She is forever one of my idol. 

Oh, then my boss come cause I rush him too. Cause I wanna tell him about the girl who has a boyfriend but is being all sweet with another guy. haha! Then he scolded me for rushing him on the wrong purpose -_- Then, Then, he put perfume on my hair. And that smell followed me every where, :( WHY HE SO GAY WHY. no la. actually also I don't mind la, got perfume smell. But, WHY MY HAIR WHY. T.T MY PRECIOUS DARLINGS. which reminds me, I wanna trim some off before Gawai :D

 After my shift was over, around 2.30pm , I stayed around the mall, cause I don't wanna go home yet. I went to hang out with my friends in another shop. And we laughed a lot together. Until.. I found out, my friend's phone has a camera in the front. WAS THE BEST 1 HOUR OF MY DAY. and hence, the photos above :D Then, we went to Starbucks cause it was half price hour for Frapuchino , and we 3 bought Green Tea Cream. WAS THE BEST THING THAT HAPPEN TO ME TODAY. 

Then, I went back home. And sat down, and online use my phone. And bath, and online use my laptop. wtf. 

Moral-of-the-story ; Never underestimate a girl who loves to camwhore. & I also don't know why. LOL


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