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  Mr.Fortune Teller
Posted at 5/21/2012 12:39:00 PM

I was Sims social-ing this morning when an Indian Fortune Teller came to me. He said he will talked about my life and stuff, and so I asked him, "Do I need to pay anything?" . I guess he must be thinking, oh God, this kid is really young & she still believe even happiness comes free! OH then he responded to me, "If you want to pay, sure why not. But if you don't , it's okay. Give with an open heart, cause if you give with an angry heart, it won't be sincere" . I don't know where he come from, or how he knows, or, what he wants from me. But I do know, he gives me hope. He's coming to me, had taught me that one day, I am going to meet more people that understands me. I just have to wait. I don't have that many friends that wants to really be my friends. That's some what sad. Cause I can really count my real friends right now :( 

So he told me, that when I go, people sees me as a happy person. But deep down, I'm not. I actually have a lonely heart. I may laugh, I may joke around, I may seem really really happy, but the fact is I'm not. I may look like I am a rich person, but actually I don't have much. I know how to work, know how to make money appear, but I don't know how to save it well. I'm a spend thrift. He also said, that, I don't really have that many true friends. People backstab me everywhere. He said, that people come to me for help, but when I need help, nobody is always there. He said, that when I'm really really happy, I will tell everybody. & everybody will know how happy I am. He added, I will really try my very best to stay happy.

OH, he also said I'm a really straightforward person, & that I'll die of old age, at the age of 87. Which is somewhat good to know, but I'll still get ready for whatever God gives me ahead. He also mention, that he's unlucky to die of an accident. And he forgot to mention NEXT TIME. I thought he was dead for a moment. lol Then I scare him too. He said I made him nervous haha!

Then I think he thinks I still doubt his magic powers lol -.- So he guessed my boyfriend's name right. I don't know how did he that, but yeh. It was somewhat cool. LOL

I talked to my friend about it, and she said a lot of things. That I was naive enough to give him RM10. Oh Oh, I folded the note into a love shape cause I was guilty that I couldn't give anything and he was somewhat asking in a different way for travel expenses -.- (what happen to don't want anything) . But as he said, I really don't have much money lol. So anyways, my friend said, there's only 3 people that knows our life as well as we do. God, Jesus & Devil. She said, there's no way God & Jesus would tell people anything. So yeh So yeh, you know what I mean. :P 

And the guy left, after saying, in my life, I'll be happy, I'll be successful and earn lots of money. I think I don't need some fortune teller telling me that, because I know I will try to make myself be happy, and I will become a successful lawyer some day!

Moral-of-the-story; Don't let others control your life. Control your own life. & always remember to be happy :) 


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