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  Sinar Serapi 2012
Posted at 5/11/2012 11:32:00 AM
1st May 2011

Was suppose to blog this like ages ages ago. But I keep procrastinating, cause there were just too many pictures. & I thought I've resize those pictures two days ago, but I found out, I am super super lazy. At this rate, my blog will slowly die. :( so anyways, for the KDJA Family day this year, we went to Sinar Serapi again. Like last year ! I had fun :)

I woke up early that morning, daddy don't wanna be late for daddy's business there . lol They weren't that many people joining in like last year.

So morning exercises looks like this ):

Hello ;)

After morning exercises, we had breakfast. :O I prefer last year breakfast haha. but this year was okay too !

The kuih was super spicy ): But it was tasty. & spicy )':

And this is what we had for lunch. I was literally running around finding water, cause the weather was so hot that morning. And also cause I kayak before that :)


Ohya, not to forget, we played some games too. In the afternoon and at night :D The games were challenging and fun at the same time. I have no complains even tho I suck in everything. Except musical chair :')

1st picture on the left is the tie-a-banana-on-your-waist-and-use-it-to-move-the-sponge game :D I gave up even before arriving at the middle lane. My back was aching. And I ended up texting in the game area. The 2nd picture is a game of blind fold futsal. this game.. well, the only I did, was plot a revenge plan at the game person cause he talks a lot :P The 3rd picture is a picture of me wearing a life jacket, getting ready to dive into the river with the kayak boat and paddle. And the last picture.. the game was called ORANG UTAN -.- We all had to blow the balloons and put it under both armpits, and also in between your legs. Then we have to pop it. I swear I was screaming, trying so hard to pop those balloons :(

Oh and this game is called makeup your spouse/sister. Oh blind folded :')

 Limbo rock , musical chair, group photo and the AEIOU game :D ohyeh, between all those games, I only won in musical chair. As the 2nd place. When me and my sister were the only contestant left, we were blind folded. And I ran around searching for the chair, then ended up pulling my sister dress up for the whole world to see. Epic :D

Dinner was steamboat and rice. :D

Random pictures

Yay milo :D


A picture of me and the worker named Priscilla :D

Moral-of-the-story; Don't be stubborn !


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