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  Today's topic ; Hypocrites
Posted at 5/08/2012 03:58:00 PM

I was talking to someone I've known since last year. Someone I've talked to, but never met before on Facebook. Someone that came to me for comfort, and someone that tries so hard to move on. And finally did. 


Few months back, when I decided that it was time, and we weren't a match. I took the opportunity of letting go of something that didn't worth my life. Didn't worth my time. The way I see it. And the way I see it, Yeah, I did give false hopes. I did play with someone's feelings. But it wasn't hard to not notice that every thing was a waste of time. So I did. You see, everybody change. Unless it's really true , don't bet that it's going to be forever. 

So, after I did my move. I didn't expect people to bombard my decisions. And I find it funny, people don't know what happen, don't know what I've gone through. Don't even the heck knows how I got harass. Don't even know the fear I go through just walking along the corridor. Why people , why you don't let me live ? They say I play people's feelings, by right, I didn't. Because I did the one right thing. I broke up . It's really up to people to say whatever.

But you know what I can't stand? Hypocrites. 
I've met a lot of people who backstab me. Whom I thought won't talk bad about me but did. Whom I thought was loyal, but actually has so many secrets. I've met all of them. And I had endure all of them. But one of them, just really humour me the most. The one that stood up for the previous relationship. The one that scolded me for playing people's feeling. And now, is also the one that played with my friend's feeling. 

Funny. I really didn't expect this coming from a saint like you. At least I took the liberty to break up, you just left without a word. And if ever, you saw this post, don't bombard me, do the right manly thing and apologize. She waited weeks for news about you. But she didn't. She had to hear stories about you, from others. And she used to break a little more deep each day. And she's so young. Just like you. 



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