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  What youth wants : A FUTURE
Posted at 5/24/2012 02:41:00 PM

I come across this video on Facebook, & she speaks what my tongue couldn't make out.

Youth in this world, we can't really speak out our thoughts as much as any typical adult would. We can't hold a riot, we can't simply meet the prime minister to discuss general first world problem issues, we can't even vote unless we're 21. So, there's really no way for us youth to even speak out what is bothering us. Generally, the only platform we use to speak out is Facebook & Twitter, and I don't think it change anything.

Every where you go, every thing you see, every thing in this earth is a reflection of what the "BIG PEOPLE" is doing. You'll see poverty every where, You'll see dying - going - to - be - extinct animals around, You'll see an empty place where trees used to grow, a place where rare species flowers used to bloom.

Every now and then, there are always, ALWAYS people that are going to complain about the hot weather, about the crazy climate change. Well, honest speaking, there is no solution to sew back the holes of the ozone layers, there are no solution to filter the chemicals we smell everyday in the air, no solution, no machine that can make the earth to be a place like it was before. There is no simple solution, but there is a way, and that way is to STOP. Society would see that a country full of jungles as a country that lives on trees and eats on raw food, Society would think the modern world, modern technology needs big buildings, the more buildings, the more high class & develop a country is, well society need to think again. Would you rather live in a place full of buildings, shopping malls selling all those nice t-shirts, knowing one day they won't even be any butterflies flying around, knowing one day, the ozone layer is going to thin even more, knowing some day, the world is going to be as hot as inside of an oven or would you rather live in a place with buildings & trees around enough to support oxygen for the country?

The girl in the video also speaks on greediness & poverty. And up till now, I seriously don't understand why are there still war? why are people still building weapons of mass destruction? why are there still killings? why are there still people trying to torture each other? Why spend money on making others feel in danger? Why? When you can spend money on ending poverty, to find a solution for the environmental problems. To make the earth a better place to live. Why are the ones that has the most, are always the ones that are selfish and greedy, that always want more than they already have. Why are they, the ones that eat on expensive food, while there are children out there living under the bridge, just trying to survive. Is it really that hard to give?

"Parents should be able to comfort children by saying, everything is going to be alright,its not the end of the world, we're doing the best we can. But I don't think you can say that to us anymore. Are we even on your list of priorities? My dad always say that you are what you do, not what you say. well what you do makes me cry at night. you grown up always say you love us, but I challenge you, please, make your actions reflect your words." - As quoted from the video.

I am a child, I am a kid, I am a youth, & I know what the people are doing out there, it's not good. It's not healthy. I know, & I realize, the earth is not a good place, and is not in a good state to live in. Innocence are dying everyday, but killing, bribery, stealing, corruption are still going on every single day. & there's nothing, someone as mere as me can do but watch.

As a youth, I want other children my age and below to enjoy what I am enjoying right now, I want more trees to be seen on the street, I want wars to be stopped, I want a fair governance.

"Sarawak Bloggers and are catalyst of the future of Sarawak and Malaysia."

Nothing is impossible


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