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Posted at 6/06/2012 01:33:00 PM

I stop believing in Prince Charming, stop believing one day, someone is gonna kneel down and ask me to marry him. I stop believing in Fairy Tales. I stop believing in the existence of a perfect guy. or a person. Cause nobody's perfect. But God. 

So last night, I was talking and asking advices from my guy bestfriend. As a guy, he must sure understand why sometimes my boyfriend acts the way he is. See, this is when a guy bestfriend comes in handy ;) And he complains that girls have no logics at all. I laughed. 

I think, it's not that we don't think logically. It's just that, we tend to follow our hearts more than our brains. And sometimes, our heart aches, and we tend to do everything, anything, just so the ache will be gone. It's really very painful :( and I don't think any girls would like that. But, at times, we must also think, how boys feels too. It's not like we're the only ones with feelings, right? 

Sometimes I wonder why do girls act this way? Why do I like to stress him out at the wrong time? 

Then at times, I browse through all those girly quotes that sometimes say the words we can't make up, and sometimes I think it just brain washed girls. Hence take away our logic thinking. & girls tend to over think a lot after reading about others. Like, "why my boyfriend doesn't treat me that way?. He doesn't love me. " etc etc

My boyfriend always tells me, that as a couple we shouldn't really attach ourselves with each other. We shouldn't cling on too much. There's no need to text 24 hours, call 24 hours. Not a need to meet every single day. I think it's really true. Some girls will think that her boyfriend is cheating on her when they seldom meet and contact. But no, only the immature ones will cheat. The mature one, however will not. Come on, we're not married. We're just in a relationship. It does not guarantee that it will last. And, when you contact each other too much, what will there be left to talk about when you guys meet? right?

He also said that, he does not need to tell me he loves me, because he was hoping I'll know it myself. HAHA. at times, when I'm in no mood, I'll find fault by saying, if he doesn't show me he loves me, how would I know right? SEE, now that I'm thinking rationally, I see there's really no need for me to do that. But at that time, I was just following my heart :PP HAHA. 

He also also, said that. "I see somebody beautiful. Of course I will say beautiful. I see somebody sexy, of course I will say sexy. But you know, I will always love you" :3 

Well, my point is, sometimes girls do irrational steps. It's not that we purposely do it, it's just that, at times, we just wanna do things that our hearts desire us to do. Bear we us, we're only girls :PP Boys, just think of it, as something cute ;) HEHE

or girls :P


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