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Posted at 6/29/2012 08:35:00 PM

You know what I feel like doing now? 

I feel like I want to run away from where I am, where I've always been & go to a place, some where new, to rediscover myself, to find a new me, a better me, & to get to know the inner me better. The new person I am shaping into.

I wanna forget, I wanna talk about the past without having to feel a slight inch of pain in the chest. Would really love to see what life has to offer, without feeling like you're not there for me to discover the new things together. 

It has been 2 weeks & 1 day since things have change drastically, & guess life is fine. Life is better without you, and sometimes I just need to adapt myself properly, into this new environment. We had something happy while it lasted, I've gotten used of your presence, I can also get used to the fact that you won't be here for me when I really really need you. I was born without you, I can live without you. 

Searching for a happy ending to our ending. Trying to start over again, but seems like it's impossible. Every where I go, everything reminds me of you. But I am healing. This wound , wouldn't stop me from having fun, and being happy. 

I am jealous of those couples that manage through a long lasting relationship. I really wonder how they can tolerate each other long and well. I would love to have someone by my side, someone I can love, really love, someone who would never leave me no matter what happens. & also someone to share problems with me.

I am tired of loving. & I am giving myself a rest, giving my heart a rest. I wanna rediscover the meaning of love once again. Because maybe, apparently I have never really understood the meaning.


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