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  Sarawak owns Gawai
Posted at 6/03/2012 10:18:00 AM

Halo! :D Just got back from my dad's hometown. The journey to and fro is quite tiring, but look at the bright side, it's only 2 hours to get from my house to there. Not including the times we stop for a drink ;) It was definitely a fun trip, 4 days 3 nights wasn't enough for me actually. But whatever, still got Christmas to go back. haha :D

This shih tzu breed local dog, damn cute. My cousin's dog eating. om nom nom :3

On the 1st of June, everybody from the area there, gathered at the Tuai Rumah house. We had to bring our own food to share around. ;) Some how feels like heaven, porks, beefs, ayam pansuh, pulut, everywhere. woohoo

From left ; my uncle, cousin, niece, niece, Tuai Rumah, my dad. 

Before we enter the house, all of us had to drink a sip of Tuak(white rice) as a sign of prosperity and good luck in life and long live :)

#fail picture of fireworks from the night before :D


Random pictures of the river ;)

My cousin, his psp, & the dog behind him. 
Everyone's playing in the river, while the both of them, linger around :P

Hate this picture of me :( Look so dirty cause I was sweating & oiling :( But post it anyway, for the sake of my cousin hahaha

Candid picture of me look so un-candid :P 

Happy Belated Gawai to all Sarawakians that celebrates it & Kotobian Tadao Tagazo do Kaamatan(belated) to all Sabahan that celebrates it ;)

Moral-of-the-story ; Use insect repellent at Kampungs, if you're not used to the wild insects there D':


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