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Posted at 7/12/2012 07:06:00 PM

The other day I was having a conversation with my college senior while waiting for my dad to fetch  me. We were talking about prom. We both agreed to the statement, that prom dates usually but not necessary go beyond being into relationship. From there, we discussed something even wider, something called love.

You know when you're in a relationship, you tend to use the word LOVE a lot, and most of the time you don't know whether you're used to using it or you really meant it. Sometimes, whether to decide you're in a puppy love relationship or in a real love base relationship, you just have to leave the relationship to know. If it's really true love you have there, if it's really meant to be, true love will always come back. You just have to ... wait. And most important is to never give up on love !

Another meaningful conversation I had is with my sister. It was the first time we emo-ed together. Guess the only reason we started to get like really best friends close is because of them. Because their both friends. So guess we all often hung out. Even during family dinners. We used to have them together with us, now it's just us.


Sometimes, having people around is already able to keep us from feeling lonely. But most of the time, in between lying on the bed and sleeping times, we're able to feel that lonely feeling. We'll think of those happy memories that can't seem to be forgotten. It's not that we're not being appreciative of the people God had given to us, but sometimes it just doesn't feel enough.

I am currently now, giving myself a rest. A rest from everything.

1 month just passed. & each day slowly passed without you by my side. I'm uncertain whether I've grown stronger or is getting weaker.

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