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  Kuching Festival 2012
Posted at 7/30/2012 11:10:00 PM

Kuching Food Festival. A place for food-lovers ♥.♥

I've been to Kuching Festival for ... I cannot count how many times, and how much I've spent on foods there . ever since its opening on the July 20th 2012 . And it will be there until the 12th of August. Means.. 12 more days to eat all the food !!

They have a variety of food such as chao tofu , Taiwan sausage, coconut ice-cream, MORE TAIWAN SAUSAGES, honey chicken wings, YELLOW PINEAPPLE RICE. x.x om noms. gaining weight as we speak right now. grrr

Not only does Kuching Festival sells food, it also has booths to play games, to ride those scary fun-fair rides, and even exhibition centre where business people exhibit their products !

If you happen to be in Kuching at this very moment, do come over to MBKS building at Padungan between 6pm till late & enjoy eating.

P/s I am fat already. should stop eating

I'm aaaaaaaaa~t Kuching Festtt, trying to go home, 
all of my change I spend on food :( 


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