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  Famine 30 hours camp
Posted at 8/12/2012 04:32:00 PM

I can never forget the day I decided to starve for 30 hours. I've attended the famine 30 hours camp on the 4th and 5th of August at Swinburne University(so this post was a few days late due to procrastination). That morning before I start to fast, I had two plates of chicken rice. THE HORROR -_- . And Cheng only had a bun. wtf . And I started to feel hungry during noon. wtf me. And Cheng only started to feel hungry at night. What sorcery is this ~

During the camp, we were told about the conditions of poverty around the world. We were shown videos and pictures of children who were suffering because of poverty. At the age of 7, a young East-Timor girl is able to do house chores after school. When I was 7, all I know was how to mess the house. :( Sad. 

Throughout the camp, we were given challenges and we also get to experienced how the people suffered out of poverty. Which is sad :( 

We had Famine challenge 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Challenge number 1 : build a strong house out of the things available in the room. & survive. :D

The moms had to bake cookies out of playdoh and sell, 

The dads had to learn to make origami cabbages to sell :P 

While the kids, learn to rear animals like chicken, and cows. And once in awhile the market will organize some competition for them to win money :P 


Challenge number 2 : QUIZ TIME :O and I won a chocolate because I manage to answer 2 correct questions HAHA

Challenge number 3 : discussing malnutrition and its impacts . 

We won this challenge cause I guess we were creative in presenting about malnutrition xD HAHA

Challenge number 4 : Act it out !

That's me being a reporter 

Doctor Ivan and Cheng the little poor girl XD

My new friend in green. Ivan Ling. :D Ahahhh. I think he was too hungry in this picture lol

This would be my favourite part of the whole camp besides lying down. Practicing our sign language for our Famine video :P But then, I was really hungry and tired, so just standing up, makes me really lazy and depress :( HOW TO SURVIVE LIKE THIS

Random photos  

tsk tsk . LOL

My sleeping area . Look carefully, and you can see cheng, me and Ivan behind there :P

His name is Pau. He was the most targeted person during the camp. Geddit? Geddit? XD

Cheng Siok Theng .♥ HAHA my bestfriend and the person who manage to stick through thick and thin with me no matter :) 

The next morning, somebody woke us all up by playing the song payphone using amplifier and loud speakers. wtf the first thing I said was, "WHAT HAPPEN TO LOVE" cause not enough sleep LOL :( But gotta admit , that it was kinda comfortable sleeping inside sleeping bags, under the aircond on carpets :D Cheng said I roll around in my bag, during sleep LOLOLOL. poor cheng. haha

After that, we did aerobics -_- on empty stomach -_-

I did it halfway with Cheng, then we both died . HAHA hence our lying down behind the wall picture. LOL

Me : You got hear people snapping photos?
Cheng : yah. so loud *Dying*
Me : Must be xins jie. Don't care la *died*



Group photo of us :D .

Just some dancing performances before food :P. 

And after 30+ hours of not eating and only drinking, we finally had food at 4pm. & we actually countdown till 4. Hahah Awh, our happy faces. :D. Buns, muffins, sandwiches, porridge and milk :3


I have learn a lot of things during the camp. It was sort of memorable, and fun. And I'm proud to say, that I survive 30 hours without eating although there were sneaky temptations but I've avoid it nevertheless and I stick strong to the reason I was there, and I might be able to do it again :D ♥ Actually, 30 hours is quite a long time for me to not taste food, as I was always surrounded with food. But some kids around the world, not only kids, but also adults and teenagers, they always have to go to sleep without food. Aw :( And some of them, have food, but it's not as yummy as mine. :( sad. 

If you have any enquiries or you want to help by donating, sponsoring or adopting a child, you can always do so here at the World Vision Malaysia website. Your little help, is a big thing to them. :) 

Moral-of-the-story ; Always appreciate food . Remember not everyone is as fortunate as you. 

Photo credits to the cameraman, Xins jie


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