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  Of debate & freedom on the internet
Posted at 8/14/2012 12:11:00 AM

Never knew I would meet people of my kind that I would really like. But I guess when I enter college, I should have known I would cause in college, everyone enters what is of their interest. Like my course, all we wanna do is to be a lawyer. :D A good one !

So anyways, that Saturday(11th of August) I went to UiTM, Kota Semarahan to join a debate competition call, Kuching Debate League(KDL). was told that it's like a practice before an even bigger debate competition which will be held this end of August. Scary I know :(

I'm sort of new in debating although I self proclaimed myself a debater last year HAHA.
Debating is fun, and I think I improved since day 1 of practice ever since I entered college. I was less nervous and shaky. And KDL really brought culture shock out of me. in this case, debate shock. I met a lot of aggressive debaters. Weird ones as well, and also, I come to know a few which I am afraid to meet during debating. 

I am scare of debate, and the people I'll go against cause right now, I am easily intimidated, and after that I'll easily screw up. yes it happened on the day :( But this does not stop me HAHAHHA.  


On the down side of this post, the Malaysian Government has just passed an amendment in an act.

I strongly disagree with this amendment because I am an internet user. As an internet user, I know it is wrong to defame people online, I know it is wrong to make bad assumptions and accusations on the net. But this does not give the government the rights to implement this on us. Defamation can happen anywhere, anytime and anyhow. Let's say person A uses Starbucks WIFI to write a defamation essay on the net and has addressed himself as anonymous. Clearly, we don't know who could they be, but, Starbucks is now liable to be charge for defamation. WHERE IS THE JUST IN THAT ?!

As an internet user, we should spread out that we do not want this act. that WE WANT THIS ACT TO BE SCRAP OFF OF SECTION 114A because THIS ACT IS NOT RELEVANT.

To support this, I won't be online starting from 1am , 14th August until 1am 15th of August as a protest against this act. INTERNET BLACKOUT DAY.


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