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  Permai Day Trip
Posted at 8/31/2012 12:55:00 PM
22nd August 2012

anyways, the other day, I went to Permai Camp for a day trip with newly met college cum class mate, Chiaw Fui and her boyfriend. We always wanted to go for a day trip together but classes always gets in the way. So as early as 7.45am , they fetched me and I saw them ate kolok mee before driving up to Permai. We brought a lot of snacks up! :D Before we head to the jungle pool and cool ourselves, we hike Permai's jungle cum mountain LOL It was a tiring journey. Furthermore, we hiked 3000m up. :X


They have this blue-red trail and red trail which was the short cut. or so we thought. We thought the red trail was a short cut to the water fall, but we thought wrong. So after the red trail, we hiked up again and this time we followed the blue-red trail. :D

We hiked only we slippers brand Fippers ! and they are still alive and I am using it at this very moment. That is how strong these slippers are HAHA. Yes, Fippers are safe to be use to hike. :D Throughout the journey, we heard all sort of noises like the wild boars, and we even saw snakes. We tried to give up a few times, but we didn't. We even pray in the middle of the jungle. At the end of the journey, all we could say was Thank God :) Without Him we wouldn't have the courage to go through this safely . And, there was this time, when our path was block by falling trees. And nope, it didn't stop us at all, we went through the falling tress, a very painful thing to do but ohwell :) And when we got down, we told the guy who works at Permai that we encounter wild animals, all he said was, "YOU GUYS ARE SO LUCKY. DID YOU TAKE ANY PICTURES?!" and we were like, "*Facepalm* if we did take pictures, we won't be down here telling you this" LOL

Me :D

Pretty Chang Chiaw Fui :D

Kevin Yu :D

This was at the end of the red-blue trail. If plus with the red-trail which was 1000m, we hiked 3000m altogether !


After hiking, we ran straight to the jungle pool for a pooling session ;) It was superrr cold but it was fun!

Then we went for a beach-ing session ;)


To end our day, we ate maggi at the food court at Damai Central just to kill time to wait for the sun to set :)
Aw. what a romantic view. #foreveralone

Such a beauty ain't it ;)

Moral-of-the-story ; Don't forget to bring scissors to open your chips's plastic, knife to kill anything that's bound to kill you on a hiking trip. Oh and , never ever take short cuts ! They won't lead you anywhere like the water fall but to no good.


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