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Posted at 9/16/2012 05:39:00 PM

*Taken using my faithful Diana Mini :) 

It's been awhile since I last update my blog. Been very busy with college, & work. Nope. No assignment so far cause I don't think my course gives us any assignment EHEHEHE. 

Have been listening deeply, meditating(not really) to Dreaming with a Broken Heart by John Mayer the whole day. It's a really nice song. 

"When you're dreaming with a broken heart, the waking up is the hardest part"

This song was introduce by my ex before we broke up. The meaning of the song is simple yet complicated. It simply means, after something bad happen to you in your life, like a breakup. When they're no longer there to be with us. You go to bed and you dream that you guys are still together, being happy together, laughing like there are no tomorrow. Then when you wake up, you realize.. it's just a dream. And you realize, they're no longer there to cheer you up when you're feeling down, to hug you when you feel like breaking down, to talk to you when you're lonely. 

It has been 3 months plus, since I've been declared a loner again. & it's not really that bad. I've had my up side and down side. I fought with different kinds of people for stupid reasons. Met new & fun people to hang out with. Like the other day, me and my newly met friends barbequed at the road side. HAHA. of course in a very hidden but peaceful place. It's like endless laughing with them HEH :') 

Now, I don't think I'm ready for another tiring relationship. Yes I've met a lot of people that I think I might like, but it's just . I'm not ready to be committed again. I'm not ready to give my heart away again . I just feel that I've not met the right one yet. Yes I am still young. I'll meet that guy of my dreams. That won't leave me. I meet a lot of guys now, but non of them really convince me that we are meant to be together. I just can't feel that they can make me happy forever. I don't know why. So this is why, I'm still  a loner :') Nawh, it's okay. It's better than jumping into a boat just to drown later, right? 

I don't know where this post is heading. But come on Mr.Right, I'm not that far away, aren't I? 


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