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  My week
Posted at 9/21/2012 03:08:00 PM
Two big events happen this week. Okay. Not exactly this week, but in 8 days. First was the Segi's Talent Show on the 15th of September, and next was the Photo Hunt organize by Law Society Club sponsored by Nikon on the 17th of September

Talent Night

Cheng was being the magician pet :P HAHAHA. 
OH, I definitely.... love... this magician -_- he trolled me before he trolled Cheng. He asked me to think of a number between 1 till 1000. So I thought of 7 since 7 is my lucky number. Then he told me, my number is 266. I was like, "do you want me to embarrass you or do you want me to be honest?" . In the end he just ask me to answer yes or no. So I answered NO. and he turn the paper he was holding, showing us that he predicted that I will say NO to his question. zz pro is pro

My favourite act was from Ryan Han, the International yoyo player :D I kid you not, yoyo is not just a kids game for him. He has hands , or talents.. that not many has!!! Too bad he was just a guest performer. Otherwise I would have voted for him. HEHEHEHHEHEHE~

Mr Photographer . Really? -_- 

Aw. why so emo? :( 

I was on duty and put photographer of the night. But ironically, photos above aren't from me. HAHA. I am just so lazy to upload mine XD it's still sleeping save and sound in the camera, waiting for me to transfer them . AHAHAHAHHAHA


Photo Hunt 

Participants comprising of students from the Law faculty and others as well and also lecturers and staffs. ONCE A SEGIAN, ALWAYS A SEGIAN. 

Dangerous driver of the day ! Me in my cute Viva :D

Anyways, my team comprised of me, Chiaw Fui, Lee Sin and Shannen. & we call ourselves Strawberries. ;) The game is that, we were given clues and we had to find the landmarks of each clues and to snap a photo of it with one of us in it. It was pretty easy with the help of people around. :D The game ended at 12pm but we arrived college at 12.30pm -_- we were late. I'm sorry it's my fault. I left Lee Sin and Shannen at one area of Kuching to snap photos while I drove Chiaw Fui to snap the remaining clues. Then I got lost -_- and it was jam -_- when I told the organizer, apparently he told everyone. -_- -_- Now I am known as the girl who got lost in Kuching area D: I MEAN I MEAN, HOW CAN YOU NOT GET LOST D: heh

But I honestly have fun even tho I was stress up and eff up, HAHA. Look at the bright side.. at least I know how to drive at jam area, and and and ..... I REMEMBER SOMETHING. ABOUT KUCHING ROADS. hahaha 


Borneo Post, 15th September. SPOT ME :D

Moral-of-the-story ; Don't drive to places you are not familiar with, otherwise you might get lost. & Never go back. :( :( :( no shit ~


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