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  Yayasan Sarawak Debate 2012
Posted at 9/07/2012 02:14:00 PM

No, I didn't win anything neither did my team members . The champion , UNIMAS left their stuff around so we decided to cam-whore with it :D 
&& If anyone is wondering why my face looks like that, it's cause I am holding a transparent trophy. haha
Aren't we awesome? :D


POI sir. * , from left : Boston, Shannen, Me ^^
So, last week, 27th till 30th of August, me and a bunch of college people, to be exact, my classmates, went to Swinburne for a debate competition organize by Yayasan Sarawak. I had lots of fun, met lots of new interesting people, learnt a lot as well and not to forget gain weight from eating sponsored Kim Bay Restaurant food. Nom Nom ♥.

I remember on this round of preparation, we were stressing so hard to find things to talk. Sadly we screw up :( Aw. But all is good !! We manage to win 2 rounds over 5 rounds. & our team ranking was 10 out of 14. Ohwell, beginners afterall :) We didn't manage through quarter finals. And during semi finals, I got the chance to sit at the adjudicators tables and become a trainee adju. Felt excited watching people debate especially when things gets intense :P 

I found my new love : Debate 

Through this competition, I learnt to speak over 7 minutes, and I also learn how to be more aware of loopholes in the opponent's speech! can't wait for next year's Yayasan Sarawak 


Me and half of Boston ^^
I love my team members, they're awesome! Especially Boston. His speeches are always funny , and our opponents never fail to laugh with us :D 

Moral-of-the-story ; Don't give up & keep following your dreams !


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