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  Happy Belated Birthday Priscilla
Posted at 10/21/2012 01:03:00 PM
14th October 2012

So busy busy busy. Until the extend that I don't have time to blog about my birthday :(

Anyways, on the 13th of October, 9pm++ , me and a bunch of awesome people drove to Damai Central to countdown my birthday. awww.  But then again, when we arrived there we had nothing to do.. but walk around and around till 11.30pm , where we start to find a place to sit down.

When midnight comes, my phone was ringing with texts of friends wishing Happy Birthday. I thank them one by one, then comes this birthday cake. awww .. I was pretty speechless. cheese cake some more. :D WAHAHHA.

Cheng gave me a Paris keychain and elmo cupcake :DD yayyy~

Anyways, to all the friends that had wish me Birthday, either via texts, calls, whatsapp, twitter and Facebook, sincere or not, thanks for the wishes ! I didn't celebrate it like usual, cause I was too busy working. Heh :) its okay. I felt grateful that I have somebody that accompany me from the first till the end, despite what happens.

I am finally 18. Just a week after my birthday, I feel that the responsibility is already gaining more than before I was 17. At times I do feel like giving up, I do feel like it's useless, but then again, I don't turn 18 and mature and legal for no reason. ;) LIFE !!!! COME AT ME BEBEHHHHH ~~


Received tons of presents this year. oh I feel so love. .
And one of them is my new phone, Xperia Miro. A shocking birthday gift, but with shocking birthday gift comes appreciation. And I have found various kinds of ways to appreciate it by downloading various kinds of games, and application. OH OH OH. I can haz Instagram now ;) Follow me at Peeciella. Thanks Thanks ~ HEHEHEHE oh and nuffnangX too, just find my blog url , priscieunperfect and you can find me, then follow me ;)

Oh this is not my birthday cake. But his birthday cake. ;) Coincidently, his birthday is 2 days after mine. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MR CAT, meowww ~

Treasure life


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