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Posted at 10/07/2012 12:54:00 PM
29th October 2012

I know this is a very late update, it's been weeks since I've blog(it felt like it) , but I have been very busy with life and I'm barely on the laptop anymore. I'm barely having my rest time, :( sad. Exams are coming up and so soon. It felt like just yesterday was my first day of my A levels program, and in a few weeks my big exams are coming up. Haih. Please pray that I don't fail my exams beautifully but pass it with rainbow colours !! Amen. 

Anyways, if you guys are wondering what is ISEND-WEFT exactly, the long term of it is, International Symposium and Exhibition on Natural Dyes & World Eco Friendly Textile forum 2012 :) In other words, it's actually a fashion show cum fashion from around the world exhibition showcasing traditional eco friendly clothings!


And before I show you photos of various kinds of models and clothings, I shall show you random pictures of us during the night. I volunteered to be the usher & it's my first time being the usher, and I think I did quite okay, got a few complains about being too loud, but I think I did okay. It's just me, and my friendly HIs :) 

Us young Segi-ans :'D

Rock , me , Delson . I think we look so adorable here :D

Me and Lee sin and her s3 :P

We look alike... if I wear my black frame specs haha :P

Aw Favourite picture :D

Nom Nom :D

Me and Alister :D


The day before the dinner, I was actually escorting 6 beautiful ladies, 2 from Bangladesh, 2 from India, & 2 from Japan around Kuching. They were looking for Sarawak's crafts . :D even though I had to walk under the hot scorching sun, I don't mind cause I've made friends from 3 different countries, and we talked as if we met a long time ago. We went craft shopping for 2 hours plus, then they asked me to go back while they use the boat around Kuching. ahh ~ I had photos with them, but too lazy to upload, so the consequences out of my laziness, no beautiful ladies from 3 different kinds of country to show. T_T 

But oh wells, here are the models photo :P 

It's my first time going to a fashion show, and it's also the first time being an usher. Ah~
Anyways, those designers clothing are from around the world. Consisting from the US to Taiwan to India to Bangladesh to Philippines and even Malaysia! And through this event, I really learn a lot. I even found out, that a boar tusk necklace cost around RM400++ O.O woooooo

Anyways, photo credits to the faithful photographer Xins jie :) 
(and other people who used his DSLR to camwhore, take photos etc *wink* )


Until the next ISEND-WEFT. byyeeeeee .

Moral-of-the-story ; Don't be lazy to upload photos !! :D


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