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  Nisha's belated birthday dinner
Posted at 10/28/2012 01:54:00 PM
21st October 2012

First of all , I would like to wish Nisha, Happy Belated Birthday & thanks for making me usher of the night last week hhaha :D I had a blasted night !! 

"I hope that you'll always be happy, and that you'll find a better, nicer guy that will accompany you the rest of your life" :)


Venue of the night. ;) Food was nice. especially the lasagna ;) ;)

Besides being the usher, I was also responsible for arranging 21 guys to give 21 roses to her ;) It was a beautiful night/moment !!

A very good singer as well ;) mmmm

The performances of the night including Filipinos mums dancing, singing, yoyo-trick and even a magic trick . :D Don't have those pictures on Facebook , so I shall just show nice pictures of the night.

Oh we even get to dance the dance we did during prom on the night itself :D . && it's also the first time I manage to dance in heels. achievements !!

The very same dance from the flash mob from prom ;D

And the night got a little bit high, especially when people started asking for alcohol LOL.


I went back kinda early that night. haha. *good girl* so I miss a lot of things. Heard there were guys "raping" each other . hahaha. phew.

I've never been to this kind of birthday party. crazy ones. haha. this is my first time. & I guess, everybody actually had fun . Thanks Nish for the awesome partyyy 


Random ;)


You're officially 21 now girlll.

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