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  Segi Prom Night 2012
Posted at 10/24/2012 10:20:00 AM
19th October 2012

Once upon a time, I was emcee for my college prom. And one word to describe the whole experience, AWESOME. Our prom night venue was at the ballroom in Crown Plaza. & it was held on a lovely Friday where I have class in the morning. but it's okey. all is good :P

Our opening act is a b-boy performances by the Ventrilaquiz . One of the famous group dancers in Kuching.

It was a nice show to watch before eating :D


Then we have the emcee recognition *wink* and also the student council committee who helped a lot for prom recognition . xD

We even had  a surprise in store for our guests of the night. FLASH MOB. nope. not oppa gangnam, but some chinese pop song xD && I CAN DANCE SOMETHING ELSE OTHER THAN OPPA GANGNAM WOO !!

I'm as surprise as the people who witness this dance, mainly cause I practice this dance for 2 days only. haha. I'm not really that good, and I play a lot, I think I just pretend to know how to dance. Meh ;)


Performance of the night & lucky draws

Winner of the Talent Night, Deidre Julius :)

One of the famous singer in Kuching, Alexandra Kucha :)

Now here's Mr.Angrez and his speech before his song. ONCE A SEGIAN ALWAYS A SEGIAN ;)

Then the law students came up and gave him Jack Daniels LOL pro or not hahahaha

There were more performances but no pictures. Aw :( But it's okay cause it's time for some virtual fake lucky draw but real lucky draw picture. haha

Too bad my number didn't get chosen :( sad ......

Imagine the supply of chocolate in that hamper. sad :(


Prom King & Queen

The nominees were chosen by the student council and me out of 430 guests in the room ;)

At first we pretended as if nobody nominated anybody to be prom king and queen , so only this two guys got nominated. haha. imagine the look on people's face when they found out this two guys are the winners of prom King & Queen hhaha Mr & Mrs Jee ;)


In the end, we brought out the real nominees. Pretty and handsome yo !

Ahhhh ~

Oh one last couple !!

;) yhehehe too bad nobody voted for us :(

Before people can vote them, these nominees had to do a catwalk and we had Mr & Mrs Jee doing it !

Apparently oppa gangnam is sooo mainstream, especially during the night itself :O

After voting, it was the coronation of the King & Queen. yayyy purrdeyy peeepoo !

Prom King, Principal, Prom Queen ;)
The prom King is apparently sooo famous, that when he asked people not to vote for him ,they voted for him hahaha. And the prom Queen came all the way from Korea. wooo ;)

OHHH ~~ we're not letting them go so easily. They had to do the oppa gangnam dance before they leave :D HAHAHAH



no picture of the prom king and queen doing it tho :( AWWWW. but the lady can dance ;) HAHA


Random emcee-ing ;)

And to end this post , here's a picture of the student council and me, with the principal & Mr Angrez doing the closing ceremony bow ;)

My first prom ever. Can't believe I was emcee of the night :) AWWWW

Photo credits by Xins Jie
Hahahha. & ironically I'm the President of Photography Club and he's not the member.


OHYA, not to forget ;) 

My date of night, aside from my co-emcee :) Thanks to him, I felt prettier that night HAHAH :D

Cherish your memories. They only come once.


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