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  Sweet little things
Posted at 11/11/2012 04:56:00 PM

I don't know why I look thin here, but I've actually gain a lot of weight as we speak now especially after meeting kitty cat. He love to feed me with food, food and more food. Fat :( oh well, at least he's not trying to get me to slim down and I know I am well-fed . HAHA. Itsokey fat, itsokey. I know fat equals to cute, right? hehehhehehe ~

Have been abandoning my blog for a while now . Nothing to blog bout, no inspiration :( Too busy to think haih . And last Friday , I actually got my first assignments out of the 6 months of being a college kid. *blames Malaysian studies & Moral* HAHA. too pampered with anti-assignment thanks to A levels . But nevertheless , COME WHAT MAY(November) YOU ASSIGNMENT YOU !! 

Heee ~

Have been grievously(in a good way of course) updating my instagram(follow me at Peeciella) & twitter(@peeciella) of the things I did with Kitty Cat since I got my new phone HEHE. 

& last night, finally, for the first time we, after wanting to go there for so long to play the flying helicopter thingy(no picture T_T) at Waterfront. The sky looks super pretty when everybody pulls the trigger together, seeing blue lights fly up, plus bubbles floating everywhere. Aww

The blue light is the flying helicopter thingy. Aw tried capturing those pretty flying blue lights but I can't :( #fail . But waterfront looks so pretty at night with all the lights around , ♥ Oh btw, Kuching people can see people playing this mini helicopter every Friday till Sunday from 9pm till late. :D

Tried playing it, but I failed, the helicopter keep flying downwards instead haih T_T


A quarter of the food Kitty Cat feed me with T_T ohmygoodnesss, how not fat like this you tell me. Checked back instagram, looks like half of my pictures are food pictures and the rest are pictures me, friends etc . But then .... om nom .... Itsokey fat itsokey .... I'll lose you one day, but for now HEHEHEHE 

& the other night I was looking back through my stuff in my cupboard . I found .. old letters from everywhere. some were good memories , some were bad, some were disgusting . So I asked Kitty Cat to burn the bad and disgusting ones xD . 

meow ~ all the memories that's not worth to remember, not worth to look back & not worth the time. When I see all of them burnt..... to ashes... I felt.... nothing :) It's not that I am feeling-less about it, it's just that, those were never meant to be, just like the bitter memories, it deserve to be burn *devil horns up* 


Apart from the 3 photos of Kitty Cat related, I also took the liberty to post up my college friends :D

Chiaw Fui, me, Shannen & Lee Sin. These 3 girls who make my college life everyday fun ! I've never & I thought I won't meet anyone who resembles me a lot like them 3 !! *tears of joy* Haihhhh ~ Love them to bits :3

& not to forget, 

Best girlfie, Ah Cheng Cheng :3 been through lots of shits since secondary school . Aww love her to bits tooo 

Haih feels so lucky all of a sudden :') 

Stars of no regrets XD

Moral-of-the-story ; sometimes you just have to lay back & think of the worthy things & appreciate it 


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